How to deploy Node.js apps using IBM Bluemix DevOps
1. Create Cloud Foundry App -> Select Cloud Foundry Apps -> Select SDK for Node.js
2. Once the app was successfully created look for the Git repo and checkout it to your local machine.
3. To check the Git repo go to https://git.ng.bluemix.net/dashboard/projects
4. Checkout the source code and modified it. The source code contains a minimal boilerplate Node.js code.
5. Test it locally and once it works in your local then it is good to push to master branch.
6. On executing the git push command, the Bluemix will auto-deploy your app.

How to check the progress of your Build
1. Go to Services menu -> Click DevOps menu
2. Go to Pipelines -> then select the pipeline that you want to see. That’s it!